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I want to make SCA period bobbin lace and to learn the technique you get to make many, many bookmarks...

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Nov. 12th, 2009 05:52 pm
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Wordle: wordle

Tanka #2

Nov. 3rd, 2009 06:18 pm
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Chilly autumn wind
Strips the last leaves from the trees
Tossing them around
Slowly sinking down to earth
They make a russet carpet
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Drinks were drunk, costumes were worn, people were watched, music was danced to. It was a good night

My sisters and brother-in-law were Greek gods for Halloween. We looked awesome! I had a hard time making a costume, I had to keep telling myself "It's not SCA garb, it is a costume". I wore 2 things I almost never do, makeup and jewelry. My sisters say I looked beautiful. lol

We went to a bar in Owatonna that my sister goes for their Halloween party every year. We pretty much just staked a claim on a small table in the back and drank and observed people and their costumes. There were some real winners and many not PG-13. At one point my brother-in-law paid the guys to throw my sisters and I into "jail" where we had to hang out for 15 minutes. Other people in "jail" forced me to dance and have a good time.

We took a taxi to my sisters house and watched movies and I fell asleep on her couch.

I should go out and play with adults more often.

Tanka #1

Nov. 1st, 2009 10:14 pm
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Swollen moon rises
Slowly in the eastern sky
An hour too early
Man thinks he is in control
But the sun keeps her own time
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I got my costume all done, I decided to add more to it earlier today. This morning I went to my sisters house and helped with her costume. We are all very excited about tomorrow!
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I am actually going out this weekend with my sisters and my brother in law. We are going to the bar for a Halloween party. Over my lunch break today I got me some fabric for my costume. The four of us are going to dress up in Greek costumes. We wanted to dress in a theme that was both cheap and easy. I will try to take some pictures and post them.
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Ishikawa Ayame is now registered as my alternate name! WooHoo!

I'm not sure I understand the comment in the LoAR...

"The documentation for the name was inadequately summarized on the LoI. A source was cited, but no page numbers or dates for the elements were given. Had the commenters not provided alternative documentation for the name, we would have been forced to pend or return this.".

Now I have a photocopy of my paperwork and page numbers and everything were included... So I don't understand why they wrote this.

I'm trying not to be bothered by it since it passed anyway.

I think I will celebrate by making Ishikawa something new to wear :D
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My boys have very few SCA clothes and I have gotten away with it for awhile since I've been shipping them off to family members when I go to events. This weekend I can't, and don't want, to do it again. It is our groups event and a really fun site for the boys. So I sewed up 1 new tunic last night and I should be able to get the other done today. This does not cover the pants they need since they have shot up like weeds this year, but oh well. Their pants might be a little short.

It's a little tricky though since they boys are at grandmas the last week and a half and I am sizing the new tunics on one of their dress shirts. I hope they fit.

Btw, if anyone cares, I am using the pattern RH004 - 12th through 16th c Peasant Man from Reconstructing History. I still hate gores.
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#1 Moon viewing parties hosted by dear Nagamochi!

to be continued.....


Jul. 9th, 2009 03:06 pm
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Ashley and i heading out to WW now. should be there in 4 hours.
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Well I finally did it. I wore my own* Japanese garb for the first time ever last Saturday. No one yelled "you suck" or threw tomatoes at me. Actually I got a couple of complements. However I did not get pictures. Ok I got 1 very poor picture in very dim light with a cellphone camera with no flash with me making a silly face behind my beta test sensu.

Note to self, less glue when making sensu, mine looked messed up.

Also, my daughter Ashley is awesome. She said so herself. She did help me get back into my pants when I had to use the restroom.

Sunday I joined a couple Shire members and manned a demo table at Solstice. Several interested people took fliers. The day rained and misted on us and was generally unpleasant.

*for those who remember seeing me at Boars Head last December, that garb was loaned to me.
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Work and going to my kids band and choir concerts filling my days this week.

Tonight it is HOT and last night it was HOT. I can't sleep for crying out loud. I swear I need to move to Alaska or something.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do this weekend. I was planning to go to Castle Fever (SCA event) but I don't know that I have it in me... Besides at least 1 child needs new garb and has nothing to wear even for 1 day. Also, I have been invited to go to Mom and Dad's cabin Sunday. Monday my daughter has several marching band things to go to. It is possible that I could day trip Castle Fever on Saturday, but I don't know.

Oh, and it's not much but I think I actually helped someone out on sca-jml and they thanked me! It was a heraldry question and I am a herald. At least they didn't complain how my answer wasn't good enough...

I am class coordenator for our shires event in August and I have done NOTHING so far. I better get on the ball. If anyone wants to teach something at St. Radegund's Fair in Northshield, lemme know.


Apr. 14th, 2009 02:58 pm
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I am posting this from my new cellphone
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What is it with this day? Now my AC adapter for my laptop is dead and so is the laptop. A new one costs $120.

Good thing I have a computer addiction and have other computers.


It is rum and coke time...
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Your rainbow is intensely shaded brown, red, and black.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at
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My daughter is cutting out a new hood and my boys are planning their new outfits.  I love my SCA kids.  It's nice that they can have something to do with their garb and I don't have to do all the planning and work.  Ok, I still do most of the work but they are actually involved now.

I am shopping for a new tent.  I'm not sure what to get yet.  It must be easy to set up so that my kids and I can do it.  

I met my husband in the SCA years ago but he no longer wants to play.  Even if he did his work schedule is Friday - Monday and he doesn't believe in taking vacation.  I joke that I am a SCA widow.

Speak of the devi, I think he is home.

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Horizontal snow

Clinging to budding branches

A cold, damp wind blows

Under a charcoal grey sky

Who of us can call this spring?


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