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My boys have very few SCA clothes and I have gotten away with it for awhile since I've been shipping them off to family members when I go to events. This weekend I can't, and don't want, to do it again. It is our groups event and a really fun site for the boys. So I sewed up 1 new tunic last night and I should be able to get the other done today. This does not cover the pants they need since they have shot up like weeds this year, but oh well. Their pants might be a little short.

It's a little tricky though since they boys are at grandmas the last week and a half and I am sizing the new tunics on one of their dress shirts. I hope they fit.

Btw, if anyone cares, I am using the pattern RH004 - 12th through 16th c Peasant Man from Reconstructing History. I still hate gores.
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That doesn't sound too exciting, but earlier today it was white silk and I've never dyed any before. It is quite pink, a little darker than I think my daughter wanted. I just did it in the clothes washer and it was pretty easy. I was really worried while it was still wet but after the dryer it looked better.

Now I suppose I should sew it up... Not tonight, tonight I'm playing FFXI and chatting with friends online.
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Daughter decided she NEEDED to wear them to History Fest today, but they held up. I teased her a lot that she was indecent running around in her underwear and would she please fix her collar.

I would have pictures except while I remembered the camera, the battery was at home in the charger....

They held up, now to see if they survive the first washing.

Dye arrived this week and hubby bought me a pot to dye in :D I love that man!
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My daughters kosode and hakama are done and look pretty good. Picture will be later since I can't find the damn camera.
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All fabric for daughters garb is here. The white kosode fabric is in the dryer and the hakama fabric is in the washer. This may also double as her Halloween costume. The bolt of silk arrived and is sitting in the living room. Dye has not yet been ordered since colors haven't been chosen.

Choosing colors for her and my garb is proving harder than I thought it would. I am not going to use any forbidden colors and even without those color combos there are a ton of lovely choices.

While at the fabric store I found 2.5 yards of linen look in 2 colors that will be perfect for tunics for the boys. Logan has no tunics at all anymore and I'm sure Galen could use a new one too.

Besides all that I want to make hoods before History Fest.

So much sewing to do..
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This weekend I think I am going to go to the movies. I've not been since Ironman and am itching to see several out right now. My sisters are going to Batman tonight and I think I will go with them. Mom has offered to watch the kids but I think they all want to see it too. It's nice that they are all 10 and up and pretty much able to see (and enjoy) most of the movies I am interested in. Actually now my youngest does not want to see Batman, he gets scared easily. We did go see Hellboy II last night and we all liked it.

The hubby is working today so we might go to mom and dad's cabin for a visit and let the kids splash around in the lake.

In other news I bought a new car last week before WW. It is a 2005 Ford Escape and I like it so far. Except that it gets worse gas milage than my Tarus but I knew it would. I needed more room for hauling SCA stuff.

In garb news. I want to do Japanese and so I have scoured the internet,  purchased and read many books, squinted at pictures. In the end I am chicken I guess so I ordered Kass Mcgann's patterns at and have my mom on board for sewing help. I want to have something completed by Clothiers Seminar North on November 8th.

SCA stuffs

May. 5th, 2008 07:14 pm
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Garb )

I was reading someones LJ and they were talking about Kumihimo, which I have never tried and I said I would like to learn.

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I stumbled upon a printout dated 2003 with images from "The Costume Museum"

Apparently I have been interested in Japanese for a while now.

New Garb

Mar. 7th, 2008 05:17 pm
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