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Jun. 25th, 2010 03:30 pm
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I did some looking around this week for things I need for WW. I went shopping on Wednesday and found all the sweet edibles I could ever want at an oriental grocery store that is actually on my way to the event so I should be able to do a drive buy shop and be ready to go. The liquor store just called me and they are going to have some Choya wine with fruit ready for me to pick up next week. They had some bottles of the kind with no fruit in it, but I wanted at least one with fruit.

I’m going to take gurdymonkey’s advice and set up my cooler with block ice and plastic shoebox arrangement. I think it should work really well.

Also went tent shopping but I didn’t like any of them. I think it must be time for a more period style tent but it has to have a minimum of poles and be able to set up by one adult woman. We used to have the gigantic Viking tent I made years ago but is gone now. Is it wrong to be considering buying a truck just so I can haul my SCA stuff?

My kosode is still unfinished as I have been spending my free time with the hubby. But I shouldn’t have any trouble getting it all done.

Tomorrow I go to my sisters house and play D&D with the family. And I get my kids back, yay!


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