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Rhythm and Bruise 3: Tora Matsuri (Tiger Festival) is November 5th and I am considering going both because it is Japanese themed and it sounds like several people in the shire I play with are going.

I wonder if I have time to make something new to wear for myself or if I will be too busy with the end of October related sewing I have been requested to assist with.

Perhaps I should just slap some starch and apply a hot iron to something I already have.
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The husband and I are off to the movies. We are going to see Conan. A co-worker saw it and didn't like it but Shawn is a fan of all things Conan.
At least the popcorn should be good ;)

One week ago I moved my oldest off to collage. She is attending MSU which is only about an hour away. While she texts me all the time I miss her terribly and I can not wait to go get her on the 2nd and get to see her again!

This years sisters trip is September 17-18 and we are just going to hang out at one sisters house since we are all pretty broke. My 18yr old daughter is going to join us and I am excited to get to spend more time with her.

I haven't been doing anything in the SCA lately. My schedule has been super busy and also I believe I am suffering burnout. It might be time to give up my officer position and just do what I feel like doing for awhile.

Still playing FFXIV and now I was introduced to Dragon Nest. I sure do love my games :D
ishikawa_ayame: (Default) I thought I would update my journal.

Coronation happened. I think it went ok. I don't know how anyone else thinks it went since apparently I was not invited to the postmortem.

My 14 year old son was looking pretty good in his new hakama. I didn't have time to get everything I wanted done sewed up in time so he wore his new hakama and my old white kosode.

I had a little trouble sewing them up. It's not that they were hard but that I had trouble with the directions. I need to remember to email Kass with my notes on what I found confusing and there were a couple of illustrations that I think might have been wrong.

I was asked to do a Japanese garb sewing day and I said yes. When, where and what we will make is still unknown.

This weekend was D&D at my sisters house. We let my 12 year old try playing with us and I think it went pretty well. He can be a bit energetic and is a natural storyteller so when he is only allowed to control what his character does it is a little frustrating for him.

Sunday we went prom dress shopping and after trying on a bunch at several stores Ashley found one she liked. I am now $150 poorer. Oh well, this is her last year of high school so why not.


Apr. 13th, 2011 02:36 pm
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I dream all the time and usually remember one or two every week.

In last nights dream I was on vacation in Canada staying at a hotel and Wil Wheaton was also staying there. There was some sort of mysterious goings on and Wil and I were trying to figure it all out. We were creeping around this hotel and around town looking for clues. It was pretty Scooby-Doo.
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Signs that spring is here
Robins hopping through the mud
Snow mostly melted
Little tiny blades of grass
Peeking out from last year’s leaves
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Well it is Monday again and back to work. At least I had a good weekend.

Saturday was garb sewing day and the business meeting. The sewing seemed to go pretty well. The fabric I brought to make a tunic for Logan ended up going home with someone else after she saw it and squeed that it was really nice and just the color she was looking for and there was enough for a dress for her. I have a fabric stash at home I am trying to work my way through so I was happy to pass it along.

I did get to meet Blaine and his wife. Blaine is the guy I met on the Tousando forum who is living in Minnesota and has been doing SCA stuff with the shire for a little while. He is interested in things Japanese so of course I wanted to meet him.

After garb sewing and the meeting I went to Mike and Linda's house and hung out for a couple hours chatting with both of them as well as Bart and Byron. We then decided to go for dinner and a movie. The movie was "The Adjustment Bureau" and was decent. It was a really fun day and I wish those days would happen more.

I didn't get home till midnight and Shawn was fast asleep.

Sunday the kids and I just hung out and I spent a couple hours getting my computer to bend to my will.
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I have just been very busy.

Work continues to be busy, but that is good.
Hubby and kids all seem happy and healthy.

I have been playing some FFXIV and having some fun with that. I found a nice Linkshell and all the guys and gals are a lot of fun. Right now my highest rank is 45 Conjurer.

My SCA shire has stuff planned every Saturday in March. Tomorrow I will be going to garb sewing day and business meeting. I am no longer the group herald but I am now the web minister and that suits me just fine. My boys both need new garb before April 9th when we are hosting Spring Coronation. Galen wants a Heian Hunting Costume and Logan still wants just generic tunic and pants. Ashley has several things to pick from to wear so I am not worried about her.

I had a Amazon gift certificate so I ordered myself a copy of “Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing” and I want to try out some test swatches before I move on to an entire kosode. I think I will take pictures and document my tests online, perhaps some people would like to see it.

Next weekend is my monthly D&D game with my sisters so I probably should start writing a game pretty soon.
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I managed to score a beta key for FFXIV. Beta testing is not new to me but I am very much a Final Fantasy lover and have played all the games released in the US. I played FFXI Online for 5-6 years and loved that game to death. So to say I was super excited would be an understatement.

When I got home last night I fired up the download client and went and watched tv. It finished up sometime around 9am this morning which is fine and good since the beta test had been suspended because of server problems or something. At 9:30ish I managed to get logged on and to the character creation screens but I had to leave for work. So now I sit here hoping the day goes quickly so I can go home and test.

My sister is so jealous and I have my fingers crossed she gets a beta invite too. It’s just not the same to play a mmo without her… Besides shes my own personal tank and I am her healer.
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Ashley and I both had a really good time. We camped with the Jara Archers so we got to meet a lot of new people. I pestered the Moneyers and helped with the pennsic pennies. Saturday night I co-sponsered a party with my friend Nagamochi. Shopped, ate, sat around a fire telling lies. All the normal stuff :)

I am glad to be home with my own hot water and bed.
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1st kosode done, 2nd kosode needs the collar finished. Obi needs to be shortened and finished. Might do a fake collar, might not.

Need to dig out all the camping gear, charge the lantern batteries and pack bags

Tomorrow I will make the kids clean out my car. Then I will ship the boys to Grandma’s, drive back home and finish packing, hit a couple stores and head on out to Wisconsin.

First of all I have to finish with work today. There is lots to get done yet before I can go home.

WW prep

Jun. 25th, 2010 03:30 pm
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I did some looking around this week for things I need for WW. I went shopping on Wednesday and found all the sweet edibles I could ever want at an oriental grocery store that is actually on my way to the event so I should be able to do a drive buy shop and be ready to go. The liquor store just called me and they are going to have some Choya wine with fruit ready for me to pick up next week. They had some bottles of the kind with no fruit in it, but I wanted at least one with fruit.

I’m going to take gurdymonkey’s advice and set up my cooler with block ice and plastic shoebox arrangement. I think it should work really well.

Also went tent shopping but I didn’t like any of them. I think it must be time for a more period style tent but it has to have a minimum of poles and be able to set up by one adult woman. We used to have the gigantic Viking tent I made years ago but is gone now. Is it wrong to be considering buying a truck just so I can haul my SCA stuff?

My kosode is still unfinished as I have been spending my free time with the hubby. But I shouldn’t have any trouble getting it all done.

Tomorrow I go to my sisters house and play D&D with the family. And I get my kids back, yay!
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The weekend started off crappy with me waking up with a headache on Friday morning that lasted all day. I left work a little early and went home and straight to bed.

On Saturday I grabbed my books, my daughter, and headed down to Fairmont to help the forming SCA group down there with their “Persona Day”. All in all I believe it went really well. There were six people there besides Ashley and I and all of them got a good start on their personas. I’m glad I got carried away bringing books. My plan was to just grab some of the name books but then I remembered that they asked for specifically Viking resources so I grabbed a bunch of my husbands Viking books and then I grabbed a bunch of my costuming books. I also had a binder full of persona type handouts I had accumulated through the years. The costume books really helped those that didn’t even know where to start.

It was nice to be able to help them out and I look forward to lending a hand to that group again.

Saturday night I cut fabric for one kosode and then watched a movie with Shawn.

Sunday I was supposed to go to the Solstice thing in Mankato and man a demo table but I received a call from the other lady who was going and we decided to cancel because of crappy weather. The nice thing about that was I was able to crawl back into bed and nap a little bit. After my nap I grabbed the kids and headed out to my sisters house. We hung out and chatted for a bit and then I headed home. My sister was showing me her game of the Sims 3 while I was there so I fired up my PC when I got home and told little virtual beings to wash dishes and go to work for awhile. Then Shawn got home from work and we watched another movie and went to sleep.

I have no children all week and hope to get my garb done before the weekend. We will see what happens.
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The fabric I wanted is now MINE. I got it prewashed and dried lastnight so tonight the cutting can begin. But first a quick review of gurdymonkey's Kosode page.

I won’t get much done this weekend though since I volunteered to help the new forming Shire to the south with a Persona Day on Saturday and to help my Shire hold down a demo table at Solstice “A day of Music and Art” on Sunday. My kids are going to my sister’s house for all of next week, woot!

Now I’m getting excited for WW and very excited to help with the sake party! I’m looking forward to see the fabulous gcmadtown81 again.

Wow, looking at my calendar my schedule is really busy. The weekend after this one is the monthly D&D get together at my sisters house with me DMing again. I should probably write a game… Then the following weekend is 4th of July at Mom and Dad’s cabin. The 5th of July is my youngest child’s 12th birthday. And then it is already time for WW!

WW Garb

Jun. 17th, 2010 02:16 pm
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I went fabric browsing after work yesterday and again at lunch today and I think my new garb will be blue plaid. Not even close to anything else in my mind previously but plaid was brought up on the Tousando board recently and I spent some time looking at "Genre Scenes of the Twelve Months" with all the lovely plaids and stripes and other patterns. Besides the material I was looking at is Linen blend of some sort and I don’t want to overheat at WW again… I’m going to cross my fingers that someone else doesn’t buy it all today so I can grab it after work tonight.
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tap tap tap...

Here goes, my first Dreamwidth post.

WW is sneaking up on me and I have a lot to get done before then and no motivation to do it all. I will be bringing my Daughter with and leaving her brothers with their Grandma & Grandpa.

Other than normal event packing I need to prepare 2 other things.

1) Camping friendly Japanese garb
2) Sweets and wine for the party on Saturday night

Number one shouldn’t be too bad, wafuku is pretty darn easy to whip up and while I was going to cook more for number two I might just see what can be purchased premade and go that route. My real worry is not the food itself but how it will keep in a cooler from Thursday to Saturday night.

Oh well, I will figure it all out.
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Here is the body of an email sent to me by my high school age daughter from school:

today in publications i had to ask how to spell apocalypse... we are making resumes ^_^
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Escape the office
If only for the one hour
Enjoy the sunshine
Surely it's a sign of spring
Driving with the windows down


Apr. 1st, 2010 01:58 pm
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Why does it feel like a Friday? I have to work tomorrow and thats gonna suck.

Sad news

Mar. 30th, 2010 01:12 pm
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Our dog died last night and Shawn took her to be cremated this morning. She was a sweet old girl and we will miss her.
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While I appreciate that I am at times a messy eater I do not actually require twenty one napkins with my chicken sandwich and fries.


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