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Work and going to my kids band and choir concerts filling my days this week.

Tonight it is HOT and last night it was HOT. I can't sleep for crying out loud. I swear I need to move to Alaska or something.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do this weekend. I was planning to go to Castle Fever (SCA event) but I don't know that I have it in me... Besides at least 1 child needs new garb and has nothing to wear even for 1 day. Also, I have been invited to go to Mom and Dad's cabin Sunday. Monday my daughter has several marching band things to go to. It is possible that I could day trip Castle Fever on Saturday, but I don't know.

Oh, and it's not much but I think I actually helped someone out on sca-jml and they thanked me! It was a heraldry question and I am a herald. At least they didn't complain how my answer wasn't good enough...

I am class coordenator for our shires event in August and I have done NOTHING so far. I better get on the ball. If anyone wants to teach something at St. Radegund's Fair in Northshield, lemme know.
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I think all 11 of us had a pretty good time. It was 2 days of driving down, 6 days there and 2 driving back.

We hit Sea World, Jungle Golf, Magic Kingdom, NASA, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Gatorland, Medieval Times, and Hollywood Studios.

We got back Sunday morning at 2am and I went back to work on Monday. I am exhausted… So much that I can hardly keep my eyes open even after staying home from work yesterday and sleeping all day long and all night long.

Pictures coming soon.


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